Around (2020)


Around is about the small things that surround us yet go mostly unnoticed.

The piece was particularly inspired by the everyday sounds that I hear at home. Having to stay indoors far beyond normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to terrible California heatwaves and wildfires caused me to ponder and appreciate these small sounds and experiences in a new way.

The piano part is based off a swirling and wide-reaching line that permeates the entire piece, even as the mood oscillates between feelings of calm and agitation. The audio playback is a mixture of recordings made from within my home, and other artificially created sounds.

Around was written for Tingyuan Luo and New Arts Collaboration.

From live streaming performance on March 30, 2022 (Around starting at 32:50)


Piano and fixed media


ca. 7 minutes


September 11, 2022

Poetic Move – Multimedia Piano Concert at Mira Theatre Guild, Vallejo, CA

Tingyuan Luo, piano

March 30, 2022

Music At Noon concert series: Classics to Modern at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA

Tingyuan Luo, piano

November 7, 2021*

NAC Presents Poetic Move – Concert for Piano with Multimedia at Old First Concerts, San Francisco, CA

Tingyuan Luo, piano

*Indicates a world premiere