Mirrors (2015) 


Mirrors (I. Cobalt Blue) was written for Marian Yang. This is the first movement of what will eventually be a multi-movement work in which each movement reflects a different color used by painters.

Much of the piece is deeply inspired by Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel and, specifically, my interest in his tintinnabuli compositional technique. I wanted to create a piece that was simple harmonically and rhythmically, while at the same time mathematically precise and restricted. The construction is based on the idea of many little “mirrors,” and the violin line, which is very reminiscent of Pärt’s piece, is in a constant sense of reflection, inversion, and retrograde with the piano accompaniment.

This movement is “cobalt blue” because, for me, this is a color for being lost in thought.


Violin, Piano


c. 6 minutes


May 10, 2015*
Graduate Recital, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Sol Joseph Recital Hall
Marian Yang – violin, Julie Barwick – piano

*Indicates a world premiere