Paths (2020)


Paths is a work in four movements, each inspired by a poem written by a different Bay Area poet.

  1. Constant Change (constant change figures by Lyn Hejinian)
  2. Bridge, Sea (The Long View by Randall Mann)
  3. Alone, Entwined (Random Thoughts Deep at Night by Yee of Taishan)
  4. Trade Paths (Deer Trails by Kim Shuck)

Paths was commissioned by Brass Over Bridges, through InterMusic SF's MGP Grant.


Brass Quintet (2 Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, Bass Trombone)


ca. 12 minutes


April 23, 2022

The Long View – Brass Over Bridges at Mertes Center for the Arts, Las Positas College, Livermore, CA

Brass Over Bridges

April 22, 2022*

The Long View – Brass Over Bridges at Noe Valley Ministry, San Francisco, CA

Brass Over Bridges

*Indicates a world premiere