TRIO in TWO MOVEMENTS (2004, rev. 2019)


Trio in Two Movements was written in 2004 for clarinet, violin, and piano and then later revised in 2019 specifically for Slow Wave (with viola instead of violin). The piece is written as two contrasting miniature-like movements: the first one is thorny and dissonant and the second is contemplative and expressive. Despite the contrast in mood, the movements are connected through the independent personalities of the three parts. Each instrument begins in its own, singular world, and while they do acknowledge and interact with one another, they never stray far from their staring point.


Clarinet, Violin or Viola, Piano


c. 5 minutes


October 5, 2019
Slow Wave at Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA
Slow Wave (Kyle Beard - clarinet, Justine Preston - viola, Naomi Stine - piano)
World Premiere of 2019 revised version

April 2005
UC Berkeley Student Composers Concert, Berkeley, CA