Two Little Pieces (2015)


Two Little Pieces was written for the 2015 Walden School Creative Musicians Retreat. These pieces evoke a child-like spirit and were inspired by some of my own young piano students.

The first piece, Slippery, is a game between the guitar and marimba; like a game of chase, or hide-and-seek. The guitar and marimba echo each other, but often move in different directions and with slight shifts in the harmonies, akin to little disagreements. They gradually begin to overlap, and finally get a moment to "run" joyfully together, before resuming the chase again.

The second piece, Time for Bed, is a lullaby played by the guitar, and accompanied gently by a kind of reduced drum set: two toms and a suspended cymbal.


Electric guitar, Percussion (marimba, two toms, suspended cymbal)


ca. 4 minutes


June 17, 2015*

Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall, Dublin School, Dublin, NH

D. J. Sparr – guitar, Ian Antonio – percussion

*Indicates a world premiere